We need your help!

This post by Dan Speciale originally appeared on the RochesterSubway blog.

Do me a favor. If you’re at home, step outside for a moment and take a good, long look at your driveway and garage (Don’t worry, the Internet will still be here when you get back). If you don’t have a driveway or garage, step outside and catch me a Charmander! 

Did you do it? Did you stare intently at your driveway/garage situation? Great! Now, think about it for a moment and answer honestly: Does your car have a bigger bedroom than you do? Seriously. What percentage of the space that you own/rent/occupy is dedicated solely to vehicular storage? Your car isn’t paying rent. Why does it get the biggest room in the house?! 

What else could you do with that space the garage sits on? A jam space for your band? Art studio? Game room? Greenhouse? The possibilities are many…

How about that big chunk of pavement on your yard that’s all cracked and busted up? What could we do with that instead of paying someone too much money every couple of years to patch it? An herb garden? Space for a swing-set? You get the idea. 

This is almost definitely not your fault. You didn’t build the house (I assume), and you didn’t create the policies that have trapped our city and our country in a state of automobile dependency perpetuated by a built environment that caters almost exclusively to single-occupant-vehicles (I hope. If you did, I’m going to fight you. Right now. We’re going to fight). But you can help change that culture right here in Rochester.

On Friday, September 16th, we're turning an unused parking lot -- a barren wasteland amidst an endless expanse of blacktop, guardrails, and sprouting weeks -- into an exciting and engaging public space for PARK(ing) Day. One of the many features present will be an art installation, and this is where you come in. We are looking for submission of visual art in any form, expressing how you would transform, re-purpose, and ultimately revitalize your favorite run-down / abandoned / unused place in Rochester.

See our Request for Artwork for more details. 

Carolyn Levine