Zoned Out

From City of Rochester Zoning Code CCD-B (Center City Base District):

Parking lot.


Parking lots shall not be located at intersecting city streets.


Access to parking lots shall be from district, neighborhood or alley streets.


Front yard setback shall be two feet greater than the larger adjacent building setback and shall be a minimum of 12 feet.


Side and rear yard setback shall be a minimum six feet.


Parking lots shall be hard surfaced and concrete or granite curbed.


Parking aisles shall be oriented perpendicular to the front yard.


Parking lots shall have one paved pedestrian walkway to each street frontage sidewalk a minimum six feet and a maximum eight feet wide. Pedestrian walks shall be hard surfaced and equal in material and pattern to the adjacent sidewalk.


Setbacks shall be landscaped with one tree per 250 square feet and continuous ground cover. Parking lots shall be landscaped with trees and continuous ground cover in curbed islands so that the parking lot is shaded to a minimum 40% at tree maturity.


Lighting shall conform to Illumination Engineers Society of North America (IESNA) guidelines and shall be maintained from dusk to dawn.


All 4 lots at the intersection of Franklin and Pleasant are parking lots. At least one is abandoned. None conforms fully to the above code.

Welcome to the Parking District of downtown Rochester, NY- a great place (for your car) to visit!

Carolyn Levine