Request for Artwork: Your Dream Here

 Photo Source: Daniel Speciale

Photo Source: Daniel Speciale

We are looking for submission of visual art in any form, expressing how you would transform, re-purpose, and ultimately revitalize your favorite run-down / abandoned / unused place in Rochester:

You have until Monday, September 12th to sketch, draw, paint, sculpt, build, etc. a rendition of any actual location in the city reborn as a skate park…or duck pond…or skyscraper…or corner store…limited only by your imagination. Contact me to arrange a pickup (or send it digitally, if applicable), and your work will be proudly displayed at the 3rd annual Rochester Park(ing) Day

Remember, you’re not constrained by reality here. It can be a hover-board park or a permanent bounce house or the world’s largest garbage plate next to a pond filled with cream ale (let me dream). Get creative! That Charmander’s not going to draw itself…

Some guidelines:

  1. Art submissions can be in any medium and must be reasonably sized, such that a 5’7’’ 20-something could conceivably transport them.
  2. Art will be on display in a very DIY, low-budget setting (think clotheslines and a couple of shelves). This isn’t the MAG… it’s a parking lot.
  3. If you want your name and contact info on your piece, awesome. If not, also awesome. If you want your piece available for sale, put a price tag on it and we’ll direct the interested party to you.
  4. Artists WILL NOT be compensated for submissions. This is a voluntary, donation-type basis. We are expecting significant foot traffic and news coverage though, so it’s a great opportunity to get noticed.
  5. We’re not necessarily looking for professional quality here, though it is certainly welcome. In our eyes, it’s content over form. We want your IDEAS.
  6. Keep it on theme. If you send me a sketch of an ice cream cone, it’s not getting displayed; if you send me a sketch of Rochester’s newest ice cream parlor, the Inner Scoop©, we’ll talk. Any submissions regarding a casino in downtown Rochester will be heartily laughed at and promptly dismissed.

All questions and submissions to