Who Are We?

Just a couple of buddies who are really into urban planning and community engagement. 


Sara Jenks

Sara's favorite urban activity is one where all other participants have white hair. She also enjoys getting lost in Mt. Hope Cemetery while walking home from work. Sara dreams of opening a concept bar, Chas T. Ham's, in honor of Mt. Hope inhabitants.

Dan Speciale

Dan's favorite urban activities are taking epic 10-mile walks and answering questions no one asked about local history. He is the bicyclist you see around town screaming at bad drivers. His favorite neighborhoods are High Falls and Marketview Heights.

Carolyn Levine

Carolyn's favorite urban activity is exploring the abandoned subway. She drinks a lot of French Quarters from her neighborhood coffee joint, Fuego, and has a Leslie Knope-level of passion for parks. Carolyn dreams of living down the street from a food cart pod. 


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